Leather Conditioner Uses

  • Soften leather
  • Protect leather
  • Revitalize old leather
  • Fix cracks in leather
  • Seal and protect leather from mildew
  • And more

Leather conditioner can be used to protect any type of leather good especially any of the following:

Leather Furniture

Leather Conditioner for furniture

Leather Furniture comes under daily abuse and has to be sealed and protected. Monthly care of your leather couch and furniture will go a long way to protecting your investment.


Leather Car Seats

leather conditioner for car seats

Leather car seats are notorious for getting scratched by pants buttons, keys and fade over time. Leather Conditioners help seal and protect car seats to make them look good and last long.




Exotic Leather

Leather Conditioner for Exotic LeatherExotic Leather skins like Natuzzi, Alligator, Crocodile and others are very sensitive and expensive. Protecting them with a leather conditioner is one of the most important thing you do.



Leather Horse Saddles and Tack

leather conditioner for horse saddles

Caring for leather saddles is important whether you are an Equestrian or a farmer with a few horses.



Leather Sporting Equipmentleather conditioner for baseball-glove

Baseball gloves, leather Boxing gloves, Leather MMA heavy bags and any type of leather sporting equipment should be treated with a leather conditioner.

Leather Apparel

leather conditioner for leather j

Leather Jackets, pants and all leather apparel should be treated with a leather conditioner to make them last longer.