How To Take The Scratches Out Of Your Leather

Don’t let scuffed or scratched leather get you down. With Leather Honey, you can easily wipe the worn look right off of your favorite pair of cowboy boots.

Watch this video to see just how easy it is to apply Leather Honey to cowboy boots. As the video shows, it even tackles the toe area of the boot that bears the brunt of dirt and harmful debris.

Leather Honey quickly absorbs into the leather and gives it the drink it needs to replenish itself back into its original shiny and durable form.

Before you begin the conditioning process, you want to make sure that you scrub your boots thoroughly to wash off any dirt that would interfere with Leather Honey’s absorption. You can give the boots a good wipe-down by wetting a rag with soapy water (use a mild amount of soap, you don’t want suds overload) and simply rubbing out the stains and dirt.

The next step is to wait for the boots to completely dry before applying a very small portion of Leather Honey onto a tiny area of the boot as a test run. We always recommend a test run just in case your leather has some sort of unusual reaction. It shouldn’t and it doesn’t happen often; we just want to make sure you test it before you apply Leather Honey to your entire boot.

Just like the video shows, use a dry, lint-free rag to apply small drops of Leather Honey when you are ready to begin. A little Leather Honey goes a long way so you don’t need too much.

The best part is next – watch the Leather Honey work itself into the leather. Within hours you will begin to notice the new shine and strength that the Leather Honey gives the leather.