How to Apply Leather Honey to Your Wallet

Restoring strength and shine to your leather wallet is easier than ever with Leather Honey.

Instructions for using Leather Honey begin with laying down old newspapers, magazine pages or even rags to the flat surface that will be used during the conditioning process. You want to make sure you cover the entire area in case you spill or if excess product drips off of the wallet during the drying stage.

Once you have safeguarded the area from potential accidents, you will begin the cleaning process. Cleaning is done before any conditioning to ensure that nothing blocks the absorption of the moisturizer and to prevent dirt from mixing in with the lubricant.

Cleaning a leather wallet is very simple and can be done with a rag moistened with warm water and a small amount of soap. A few scrubs with the rag should do the trick.

The wallet should dry completely before you apply the Leather Honey. It may take an hour or two, so set the wallet onto the paper and return to it when you can. Once it dries, we recommend dabbing a small amount of Leather Honey on a discreet area, perhaps inside the wallet near a corner. This is for a “test run” so that you can confirm your leather does not have a strange reaction to the product. The chances of a negative reaction are slim, but it’s always suggested to run a quick check before applying any product to your leather.

Once you have confirmed that the Leather Honey absorbed without any unusual reaction, begin applying the Leather Honey as shown in the video. You can use a dry, lint-free rag or a paintbrush (if you use a paintbrush, make sure it has soft bristles so that you do not scratch the leather). A thin, even layer across the interior and exterior of the wallet should suffice.

Almost instantly, you will see the effect that Leather Honey has on leather. While it takes a few hours to dry completely, the transformation literally happens before your eyes.

Applying Leather Honey is really that simple. If you have any questions regarding the leather conditioning process, give the folks at Leather Honey a call or send them an email. They will be happy to personally walk you through Leather Honey application instructions.