How to Condition Leather Boots with Leather Honey

There is something so satisfying about conditioning your own leather boots. Sure you could take your boots to a professional shoe repair shop, but isn’t it more fun to do it yourself?

With Leather Honey, not only is it more fun but it’s easy and affordable, too. Save yourself a drive to the repair shop and order a bottle of Leather Honey online. The formula can be purchased either on or on Amazon. The bottles are inexpensive and come in a variety of sizes. Order now to stock up!

Once the Leather Honey arrives, set aside a workspace for the conditioning process. As you can see in this video, paper is laid out on a flat surface. You want some sort of mat to catch any drips or spills.

Before you begin applying the Leather Honey to your boots, we recommend cleaning the leather. It only takes a minute or two to wipe down the boots with a wet rag that has been dipped in water with a touch of soap. Cleaning the leather before adding conditioner is important because you don’t want dirt to interfere with the lubrication process.

There is one last step to take before you begin and that is to take a quick Leather Honey test. Leather can sometimes have odd reactions to conditioners; this seldom happens with Leather Honey but we want you to make absolutely sure by adding a small amount of the product to a tiny and discreet area of your boots before spreading it across the entire surface.

After you have set-up your area, wiped-down your boots and completed your test run, you are ready to begin the Leather Honey process. As shown in the video, you can use a dry, lint-free rage to apply Leather Honey. Spread an even layer across every inch of the boot, even getting in the cracks and corners. For areas like the toes that are more scuffed, add a little extra and rub it firmly onto the area.

Leather Honey takes a few hours to fully absorb and dry. Let the boots sit and dry out then check back in about two hours. You will be amazed at the impact just a single application of Leather Honey had on your boots.