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How to Clean and Protect Nubuck Leather

How To Clean And Protect Nubuck Leather

Two questions we get all the time:  How do you clean Nubuck leather and suede?  We found a video from that gives you the answer to both.  Please note that while Leather Honey Leather Conditioner is NOT for use on suede, it works beautifully to condition Nubuck. It goes without saying that cleaning your leather and conditioning it go hand in hand. Once you are finished cleaning your Nubuck leather, we recommend that you give it a good once over with Leather Honey Leather Conditioner. This will help protect your leather and make it last a long time.  Check the video out below and feel free to ask questions and leave a comment about it on our community forum.

From make sure you check their website out and other videos.

How to Clean Leather Boots (by

This is another great video showing you how to clean leather boots, created by  Better still, the items used to clean are things you probably already have in your cabinets at home. This video will also show you how to polish your boots, so it gives you a complete crash course in taking care of your leather boots and shoes.  You may have noticed that there are countless different methods for cleaning and caring for leather items.  With, we aim to introduce you to these different perspectives and techniques so you can choose the best process for you.  Click on the picture to be taken to the video. Make sure you also check out our forum and join our leather conditioner community.


How to Clean Leather and Suede Jackets

This is an excellent video showing how to care for leather and suede jackets. Wayne Edelman educates Martha Stewart on the difference between painted leather and aniline and how to clean both. The difference?  Dye is impregnated inside of the leather to create aniline leather and painted leather is leather that is painted a certain color. A simple test to figure out if your leather is aniline or painted is to take a cotton swab with mineral spirits and rub it on a small area of your leather item. If paint comes off on the swab, your leather is painted. In cleaning the leather, Wayne’s trick is to simply use baby wipes to get the initial job done. See the video below for more.

How to Clean a Leather Jacket

This video shows how to clean a leather jacket using warm water and soap. This is the advice we give to our customers and anyone who asks us how to clean leather, and it’s a method we’ve been using on our own leather – be it jackets, boots, or our horse harness – for over 30 years.  We like to use Murphy’s Oil Soap, water and a little bit of elbow grease.  Another great bit of advice the video gives is something we’d like to assume most people know, but you can never be too sure:  Don’t put your leather items, including jackets, in the washing machine.  Please click below to take a look at the video.