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How to Clean Leather Car Seats

Your car tends to get dirty fast.  You eat in there, transport your pet in there, basically live in there, so it’s no surprise that all kinds of grime – mud, food, grease – gets stuck to the seats.  Car leather also tends to take a hit from the sun, which dries it out, so it should be conditioned regularly with Leather Honey. The video below is a wonderful video on how to clean and care for leather car seats. It breaks the process into three steps:

  1. Clean away dirt.
  2. Clean away oils.
  3. Condition the seat to protect it from damage.

The instructor uses a soft paint brush in the first step to help him get in the cracks of the car seat in order to get the dirt that is hidden there. He then uses a microfiber towel and a leather cleaner to scrub away the oily spots and stains on the leather. Finally, he uses a leather conditioner to coat the seat with a layer of protection to help seal the leather. Please click the picture below to watch the video. Enjoy.